human touch – I create real connections and make technology feel friendly. my approach brings together people and online technology


your voice is heard, your product/service is presented to the world and receives the needed online value


I am inspired and motivated by challenges


I am a creatively adaptive thinker


I learn from all my experiences

Get to Know Me

I am software engineer by education, completed with a human resources specialization. One of my guiding principles is that technology is amazing and accessible to everybody. One of the ways of doing so is making it work to our benefit. By chance, my experience brought me in contact with the online technology.

I am curious by nature and I love to discover new things: the way people think and act, the way internet influences our life, the way technology (software and IT in particular) can help us have a better everyday life. 

I have experience working in IT quality assurance and software project management in all kinds of environments.

My work methodology is lead by my belief that  anything can be done, but the overall success of any project is influenced by some key factors:

  • good understanding of the project scope and project’s general environment
  • good communication and real connection  between the players
  • finding the fine line between perfectionism and getting things done